WoW Fishing Guide 1-600

Fishing This WoW Fishing Guide covers training your Fishing levels from 1 to 600, how to fish and where to fish while leveling Fishing in World of Warcraft. Fishing is a secondary profession, which means learning to fish won’t limit what other professions you train your character in. It complements the Cooking profession very well, as most fish can be cooked. Fishing is also a good source of food, and can provide a modest gold income. Our guides for training Fishing and Cooking together from 1 to 450 are here: Alliance Fishing and Cooking Guide or Horde Fishing and Cooking Guide.

Updated for WoW patch 5.2

There isn’t very much to training Fishing quickly. All that is required to increase your Fishing level, is to learn the required skills from a Fishing trainer and to catch lots of fish. With Fishing level 1 you can fish anywhere and regardless of where you fish, you’ll catch something. And even when that something is junk it will help towards improving your Fishing level. However, as your fishing level increases, you will need to catch increasing numbers of fish to gain each new level.

Fishing Guide Shortcuts

Each fishing area has a minimum no junk skill level, i.e. the minimum fishing level you need to be to ensure you don’t catch any junk. The lowest no-junk level is 25, so it is advisable to purchase a Shiny Bauble and attach it to your fishing rod for the first 25 levels of Fishing. If your Fishing level is too low for the no-junk minimum of a particular area you wish to fish in, you can enhance it with various fishing rods, lures and clothing – available as purchases, drops or quest rewards. This guide lists the areas with appropriate no junk ratings to visit while you level your Fishing skill.

Fishing Trainers

Rank Faction Trainer Location
Horde KTC Train-a-Tron Deluxe Around Lost Isles
KTC Train-a-Tron Deluxe Bilgewater Harbor, Azshara
Grand Master
Illustrious Grand Master
Alliance Androl Oakhand Rut’theran Village, Teldrassil
Arnold Leland The Canals, Stormwind
Astaia Trademen’s Terrace, Darnassus
Byron Welwick Valgarde, Howling Fjord
Brannock Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas
Diktynna Ammen Ford, Azuremyst Isle
Erett The Crystal Hall, The Exodar
Grimnur Stonebrand The Forlorn Cave, Ironforge
Harold Riggs Menethil Harbor, Wetlands
Lee Brown Crystal Lake, Elwynn Forest
Matthew Hooper Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains
Old Man Robert Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra
Paxton Ganter Iceflow Lake, Dun Morogh
Warg Deepwater The Loch, Loch Modan
Whilsey Bottomtooth Stormglen Village, Gilneas
Horde Angelina Soren Vengeance Landing, Howling Fjord
Armand Cromwell The Magic Quarter, Undercity
Clyde Kellen Brightwater Lake, Trisfal Glades
Drathen The Walk of Elders, Silvermoon
Fishy Ser’ji Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra
Kah Mistrunner High Rise, Thunder Bluff
Katoom the Angler Revantusk Village, The Hinterlands
Kil’Hiwana Zoram’gar Outpost, Ashenvale
Lau’Tiki Darkspear Strand, Durotar
Lui’Mala Shadowprey Village, Desolace
Lumak The Valley of Honor, Orgrimmar
Old Umbehto The Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar
Uthan Stillwater Stonebull lake, Mulgore
Zurjaya Zabra’jin, Zangamarsh
Neutral Juno Dufrain Cenarion Refuge, Zangamarsh
Marcia Chase The Eventide, Dalaran
Myizz Luckycatch Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale

Fishing Equipment

Type Name Bonus Fishing Skill Required Source
Lures Shiny Bauble +25 1 Alliance quest reward for Red Snapper – Very Tasty!
Various Vendors
Nightcrawlers +50 50 Various Vendors
Dropped by various mobs
Aquadynamic Fish Lens +50 50 Alliance quest reward for Electropellers
Bright Baubles +75 100 Various Vendors
Flesh Eating Worm +75 100 Dropped by Rotted Ones in Duskwood
Aquadynamic Fish Attractor +100 100 Limited availability from Various Vendors
Created by Engineering (150 skill level)
Glow Worm +100 100 Bag of Fishing Treasures reward for Northrend Daily Fishing quests
Sharpened Fish Hook +100 100 Bag of Fishing Treasures reward for Outland Daily Fishing quests
Poles Fishing Pole N/A 1 Alliance quest reward for Red Snapper – Very Tasty!
Various Vendors
Blump Family Fishing Pole +3 1 Alliance quest reward for The Family and the Fishing Pole
Strong Fishing Pole +5 10 Various Vendors
Darkwood Fishing Pole +15 50 Fishing
Big Iron Fishing Pole +20 100 Rarely found in Shellfish Traps of the coast of Desolace
Nat Pagle’s Extreme Angler FC-5000 +20 100 Horde quest reward for Snapjaws, Mon!
Seth’s Graphite Fishing Pole +20 200 Quest reward for Rather Be Fishin’
Nat’s Lucky Fishing Pole +25 225 Quest reward for Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme
Bone Fishing Pole +30 300 Rarely contained in Bag of Fishing Treasures reward for Northrend Daily Fishing quests
Jeweled Fishing Pole +30 300 Rarely contained in Bag of Fishing Treasures reward for Northrend Daily Fishing quests
Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole +30 300 Requires The Kalu’ak – Exalted
Vendor: Sairuk in Moa’ki Harbor, Dragonblight
Vendor: Tanaika in Kamagua, Howling Fjord
Arcanite Fishing Rod +40 300 Reward of the quest Master Angler

How to Catch a Fish

Stand next to the water, looking at it with your feet on dry land
Equip your fishing pole in your main hand
Open your spell book and find the General page
Look for the fishing icon and drag it onto the action bar
Cast your fishing rod by clicking on the fishing icon on your action bar
Your bobber should appear in the water
Wait for the bobber to splash, then right-click the bobber to reel your catch in

Leveling Fishing 1-75

Level 5 Character required
Purchase a basic Fishing Pole from a Fishing supplier or Trade supplier
Learn Apprentice Fishing from a Fishing Trainer

Levels No Junk Skill Location
1-75 25 Azuremyst Isle
Dun Morogh
Elwynn Forest
Eversong Woods
The Lost Isles
Tirisfal Glades

Leveling Fishing 76-150

Level 10 Character required
Learn Journeyman Fishing from a Fishing Trainer

Levels No Junk Skill Location
76-150 75 Azshara
Bloodmyst Isle
Loch Modan
Northern Barrens
Silverpine Forest
Stormwind City
Thunder Bluff

Leveling Fishing 151-225

Learn Expert Fishing from a Fishing Trainer

Levels No Junk Skill Location
151-225 150 Arathi Highlands
Hillsbrad Foothills
Northern Stranglethorn
Redridge Mountains
Stonetalon Mountains

Leveling Fishing 226-300

Learn Artisan Fishing from a Fishing Trainer

Levels No Junk Skill Location
226-300 225 The Cape of Stranglethorn
Dustwallow Marsh
The Forbidding Sea
The Great Sea
The Hinterlands
Southern Barrens
Western Plaguelands

Leveling Fishing 301-375

Learn Master Fishing from a Fishing trainer

Levels No Junk Skill Location
301-375 300 Badlands
Eastern Plaguelands
Thousand Needles

Leveling Fishing 376-450

Learn Grand Master Fishing from a Fishing Trainer

Levels No Junk Skill Location
376-400 375 Hellfire Peninsula
Shadowmoon Valley
Un’Goro Crater
401-425 400 Zangamarsh
426-450 425 Blasted Lands
Deadwind Pass
Searing Gorge
Swamp of Sorrows

Leveling Fishing 451-525

Learn Illustrious Grand Master Fishing from a Fishing Trainer

Levels No Junk Skill Location
451-475 450 Isle of Quel’Danas
Terokkar Forest
476-500 475 Borean Tundra
Grizzly Hills
Howling Fjord
501-525 500 Crystalsong Forest

Leveling Fishing 526-600

Learn Zen Master Fishing from a Fishing Trainer

Levels No Junk Skill Location
526-550 525 Dalaran
Sholazar Basin
551-575 550 Deepholm
The Storm Peaks
576-600 575 Mount Hyjal
The Frozen Sea
600 650 The Jade Forest
Twilight Highlands
675 Tol Barad
700 Dread Wastes
Krasarang Wilds
Kun-Lai Summit
Townlong Steppes
Valley of the Four Winds
825 Vale of Eternal Blossoms

I hoped you found this WoW Fishing Leveling Guide useful and that it has helped you on your way to level 600. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

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