WoW Brewfest Guide

Brewfest This Brewfest guide provides details of the annual event that runs from September 20th to October 6th this year (2013) in the World of Warcraft. The main Brewfest festivals are setup near Orgrimmar and Ironforge, and additional beer gardens are also setup in Darnassus, the Exodar, Shattrath, Silvermoon City, Stormwind, Thunder Bluff, and Undercity. Completing certain Brewfest quests will reward you with Brewfest Prize Tokens which can be used to purchase a number of items.

Updated for 2013

Brewfest Guide Shortcuts

Brewfest Items

The following items can be purchased from:
Alliance – Belbi Quikswitch
Horde – Blix Fixwidget

Faction Item Brewfest Prize Tokens
Both Fresh Brewfest Hops 2
Horde Fresh Dwarven Brewfest Hops 5
Alliance Fresh Goblin Brewfest Hops 5
Both Preserved Brewfest Hops 20
Both Blue Brewfest Hat 50
Both Brown Brewfest Hat 50
Both Green Brewfest Hat 50
Both Purple Brewfest Hat 50
Alliance Belbi’s Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles 100
Horde Blix’s Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles 100
Both Brewfest Boots 100
Both Brewfest Pony Keg 100
Both Brewfest Slippers 100
Both Pint-Sized Pink Elekk 100
Alliance “Brew of the Month” Club Membership 200
Horde “Brew of the Month” Club Membership 200
Both Brewfest Dress 200
Both Brewfest Keg Pony 200
Both Brewfest Regalia 200

You can also purchase the Wolpertinger’s Tankard for 50 silver.

Brewfest Quests

This is a ‘breadcrumb’ quest offered by commoner NPCs in the major cities in order to direct you to the main Brewfest celebrations oputside Orgrimmar or Ironforge. It is not a pre-requisite for any of the other quests and only awards a drink (no tokens).

A New Supplier of Souvenirs
Alliance QuestHorde Quest
Redeem the Brewfest Stein Voucher with Belbi QuikSwitch/Blix Fixwidget in the back of the Brewfest camp.
Brewfest Stein Voucher (Provided)

You need to complete the “Now This Is Ram Racing… Almost” quest for your faction before this one is offered. The quest is offered by:
Alliance – Pol Amberstill
Horde – Driz Tumblequick
To complete the quest and receive a Overflowing Purple Brewfest Stein, speak to:
Alliance – Belbi Quikswitch
Horde – Blix Fixwidget

Sadly, it would appear that if your character has collected one of the Brewfest Steins from the previous years, this quest and as a result this year’s Stein isn’t availble to your character.

Chug and Chuck! Alliance QuestHorde Quest
Use the Complimentary Brewfest Sampler to hit S.T.O.U.T. 5 times, then talk to Bizzle Quicklift/Boxey Boltspinner.
S.T.O.U.T. Hit (5)

This quest is offered by:
Alliance – Boxey Boltspinner
Horde – Bizzle Quicklift

Some have reported having difficulty with this quest and it seems easiest to complete by standing right next or on top of S.T.O.U.T. when using the Complimentary Brewfest Sampler

Now This Is Ram Racing… Almost Alliance QuestHorde Quest
You have 4 minutes to ride the ram and maintain 3 different levels of speed for 8 seconds.
Maintain a Trot for 8 seconds
Maintain a Canter for 8 seconds
Maintain a Gallop for 8 seconds
Provided Item:
Ram Racing Reins

This quest is offered by:
Alliance – Neill Ramstein
Horde – Ram Master Ray

  • Upon accepting the quest, the quest giver will mount you on one of their rams (lasts 4 minutes)
  • You need to maintain certain speeds on your ram for 8 seconds each which are indicated by colored buffs on your player
  • You ram can get fatigued in you travel too fast. you can reduce your ram’s fatigue level by stopping at apple barrels

There are no rewards for this quest, but it is required to unlock other quests.

There and Back Again Alliance QuestHorde Quest
Get a keg from the Goblin stranded on the road to Razor Hill and return it to Ram Master Ray’s assistant/Get a keg from Flynn Firebrew in Kharanos and return it to Pol Amberstill. Do this 3 times before your ram goes away.
Kegs Delivered (3)
Provided Item:
Ram Racing Reins

This quest is offered by:
Alliance – Neill Ramstein
Horde – Ram Master Ray

Alliance Ram Racing Route (Dots represent apple barrels)
Alliance Ram Racing Route

Horde Ram Racing Route (Dots represent apple barrels)
Horde Ram Racing Route

Do you still need some help moving kegs from the crash site… ? (Daily)
I can see you checking out our legally obtained racing rams… I can see you want in on the ram racing sensation… But before you can play, you gotta work. Well, work and play are pretty much the same when it comes to these rams.

This quest is offered by:
Alliance – Neill Ramstein
Horde – Ram Master Ray

  • Upon accepting the quest, the quest giver will mount you on one of their rams (lasts 4 minutes)
  • For Alliance players head towards Kharnos and for Horde players head towards Razor Hill
  • While heading along the path be sure to pass near the apple barrels as these will reset your fatigue levels to 0. You shouldn’t need to stop at them, just pass close to them
  • When you reach Flynn Firebrew or Bok Dropcertain you will be thrown a Portable Brewfest Keg (no need to speak to the NPCs for this)
  • Return along the path to throw the Portable Brewfest Keg to either Pol Amberstill or Driz Tumblequick
  • For each Portable Brewfest Keg retrieved you will earn 2 Brewfest Prize Tokens and get 30 seconds added to the available time

If you get your timing right you should be able to earn 18-20 Brewfest Prize Tokens from this quest daily.

This One Time, When I Was Drunk… (Daily) Alliance QuestHorde Quest
Talk to Boxey Boltspinner/Bizzle Quicklift in the Brewfest camp.

This quest is offered by:
Alliance – Dark Iron Mole Machine Wreckage
Horde – Dark Iron Mole Machine Wreckage

Every half hour or so the Dark Iron Dwarves crash the Brewfest celebrations. Once they have been driven off, a cog will appear on the ground in the center of the Brewfest area and offer this quest.

Coren Direbrew
You will need to be level 89/90 this year (2013) to queue up in the Dungeon Finder to fight Coren Direbrew. Once in the dungeon, talk to Coren Direbrew and insult him to start the encounter. When you kill him, he drops one of the iLevel 470 items mentioned below. Killing Coren Direbrew will also earn you the achievement Direbrewfest.

Bitterest Balebrew Charm
Brawler’s Statue
Bubbliest Brightbrew Charm
Coren’s Cold Chromium Coaster
Mithril Wristwatch
Thousand-Year Pickled Egg

The very first time you kill Coren Direbrew you will be able to loot Direbrew’s Dire Brew which starts the quest ‘Direbrew’s Dire Brew’.

The first time you kill Coren Direbrew each day you will receive Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest. It contains some Justice Points and a small chance of one of the following items:

Direbrew’s Remote
Great Brewfest Kodo
Swift Brewfest Ram

Direbrew’s Dire Brew Alliance QuestHorde Quest

This quest is offered by:
Direbrew’s Dire Brew (which is looted from Coren Direbrew the 1st time you defeat him)


The following achievements can only be earned during Brewfest.

Brew of the Month
Does Your Wolpertinger Linger?
Down With The Dark Iron
Have Keg, Will Travel
The Brewfest Diet

Completing all of the above achievements will earn Brewmaster or Brewmaster.

Brew of the Year
Disturbing the Peace
Drunken Stupor
Strange Brew or Strange Brew
A Brew-FAST Mount (Feat of Strength)

I hope you found this WoW Brewfest Guide useful and that it has helped you on your way to the Brewmaster title. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

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Very thorough and helpful…I was glad to get the details on timing so I can be on when the Dark Iron fight goes on…trying to get enough tokens to join Brew of the Month club! Also, I didn’t know how to do Direbrewfest, and learned that I cannot because I’m not high enough lvl. Something to look forward to in coming year!

Thanks for the effort…now if I could figure out why the daily ram ride keeps bugging out on me (reins disappear), and understand if it’s something I’m doing wrong, I’d be all set!


Mike Crosley

I love going for mounts and I was thinking maybe you could earn a Ram for completing the quests, or collecting a high number of tokens…but it looks like this isn’t possible? Just the items listed are available? And in that case, aside from the fun of the quests, is there really a larger picture reason for doing the Brewfest quest line?



There’s the achievements to collect, and if you collect the right achievements from all the world events during the year then there is Violet Proto-Drake you earn for the achievement What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been. There is also the chance to earn a Brewfest Ram or Kodo mount from the Coren Direbrew fight. I have both, but they only dropped for me on the 3rd year of trying!



Is it possible to enter the instance with a level 85 accompanied by level 90’s? I’ve been hearing obscure rumours that people have been doing this and I’m curious to see if they’re right.