WoW Expansion: Cataclysm Announced

by Spiph

Blizzard announced the 3rd expansion for World of Warcraft yesterday during the Blizzcon opening ceremony. The expansion is called Cataclysm, and will see the original Azeroth zones all fundamentally altered. The zone alterations will also include the long awaited introduction of being allowed to use flying mounts throughout all of Azeroth.

Other things include:

  • Level cap will be increased to 85
  • The introduction of 2 new races: Goblin for the Horde and Worgen for the Alliance
  • New zones associated with the new races: Lost Isles and Gilneas
  • A new Secondary profession – Archaeology
  • Reforging option for tailors, blacksmiths, leatherworkers, engineers and jewelcrafters that aloows the customisation of existing items
  • New class/race combinations including:
    • Dwarf Mage
    • Dwarf Shaman
    • Gnome Priest
    • Human Hunter
    • Night Elf Mage
    • Orc Mage
    • Troll Druid
    • Tauren Paladin
    • Tauren Priest
    • Undead Hunter
  • A new Mastery system that will alter the talent system for every class
  • More Dungeons and Raids and additional Heroics
  • Rated Battlegrounds and new PvP Feats

For more information check out the official Blizzard Cataclysm sites for the US and Europe. The following topic has been setup in the WoW Europe Forums and will be updated as and when additional information about the expansion is released.

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