Updates to Profession Guides

by Spiph

I’m in the process of updating all the profession guides to make use of tooltips powered by Wowhead, as well as correcting errors and typos along the way. Some of the links added to the guides provide tooltips that will display when you hover your mouse of them. The rest are normal hyperlinks that will take you directly to pages on Wowhead. These links go to maps that make it easier to locate NPCs, or maps that show the distribution of beasts, herbs or minerals in particular zones. Hopefully, this helps to make the guides a more useful resource for people – let me know in the comments for each guide.

So far I have managed to update the following guides,

Cooking Guide 1-450
First Aid Guide 1-450
Herbalism Guide 1-450
Mining Guide 1-450
Skinning Guide 1-450
Tailoring Guide 1-450

I’m working through them as quickly as possible, but adding all the links and tooltips is a labor intensive job, so I expect it will take me another week to have all of the profession guides updated like this.

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