WoW Abbreviations and Acronyms N-Z

by Spiph

This guide tries to cover as many of the abbreviations and acronyms commonly used in World of Warcraft as possible. The guide will be split into two posts. This post contains abbreviations and acronyms starting N-Z. The first post containing abbreviations and acronyms starting 0-9 and A-M is available here. The purpose of this guide is to help players understand the abbreviations and acronyms used in conversation within World of Warcraft. If you feel there is anything missing from this list, please leave a comment and it can be added.

Naxx – Naxxramas (raid)
NE – Night Elf
Nex – The Nexus (instance)
Nerf – A spell or change to the game that makes something weaker
NF – Nightfall (warlock)
Ninja – Looting items that were up for discussion or rolling need on items not needed
NM – Nevermind
NPC – Non Player Character
NR – Nature Resistance
NS – Nature’s Swiftness (druid/shaman) or Netherstorm (zone)
NW – Netherweave

OC/Occ – The Occulus (instance)
Ofc – Of course
OH – Off Hand
OIC – Oh, I See
OK – Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom (instance)
OL – Outlands (zone)
OMG – Oh My God!
OMW – On My Way
Ony – Onyxia (raid)
OOC – Omen of Clarity (druid) or Out of Character (roleplaying)
OOM – Out Of Mana
OOR – Out Of Range or Out Of Rage
OOS – Out Of Sight
OP – Original Poster or Overpower (warrior)
Org – Orgrimmar (zone)
OS – Obsidian Sanctum (raid)
OT – Off Tank or Off Topic

Pally – Paladin
Pat – Patrol
Paw – Mark of the Wild (druid) or Gift of the Wild (druid)
PBAoE – Point Blank Area of Effect – an AoE spell like Arcane Explosion that radiates out from the spell caster
PC – Player Character
PI – Power Infusion (priest)
PK/Pker – Player Killer
PL – Plaguelands or Powerlevelling
PoH – Prayer of Healing (priest)
Poly – Polymorph (mage)
PoM – Prayer of Mending (priest)
PoM – Presence of Mind (mage)
Port – Portal (mage)
PoS – Pit of Saron (instance)
Pot – Potion
Premed – Premeditation (rogue)
Prep – Preparation (rogue)
Proc – Means Programmed Random Occurence and refers to an item effect effect triggered by certain conditions e.g. on hit
Prot – Protection talent tree (paladin)
PS – Psychic Scream (priest)
PST – Please Send Tell
PUG – Pick Up Group – a group of random players formed via the matchmaking system
PvE – Player versus Environment
PvP – Player versus Player
PW:F – Power Word : Fortitude (priest)
Pwn – Own i.e. As is dominating another player or mob
PW:S – Power Word : Shield (priest)
Pyro – Pyroblast (mage)

QFE – Quoted For Excellence
QFT – Quoted For Truth
QQ – Quick Question or used as an emoticon – means you’re complaining as it looks like two crying eyes

RAP – Ranged Attack Power
RAQ – Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj
Res/Rez – Resurrect or Resurrection
Resto – Restoration talent tree (druid/shaman)
Ret – Retribution talent tree (paladin)
RFC – Ragefire Chasm (instance)
RFD – Razorfen Downs (instance)
RFK – Razorfen Kraul (instance)
RL – Real Life
ROFL – Rolling On Floor, Laughing
ROFLMAO – Rolling On Floor, Laughing My Ass Off
Roots – Entangling Roots (druid)
RRQ – Repeatable Reputation Quest
RW – Real World

Sac – Demonic Sacrifice (warlock)
Salv – Blessing of Salvation (paladin)
SB – Shadow Bolt (warlock), Shield Bash (warrior) or Shield Block (warrior)
Scholo – Scholomance (instance)
SC – Serpentshrince Cavern (raid)
SC Strat – Scarlet side of Stratholme (instance)
SF – Seal Fate (rogue) or Shadowform (priest)
SFK – Shadowfang Keep (instance)
SH – Shattered Halls (instance) or Sethekk Halls (instance)
SH/Shat – Shattrath City (zone)
Shammy – Shaman
Sheep – Polymorph (mage)
Shield – Power Word : Shield (priest)
SL – Shadow Labyrinth (instance), Siphon Life (warlock) or Soul Link (warlock)
SM – Scarlet Monastery (instance) or Shadow Mastery (warlock)
SMC – Silvermoon City (zone)
SMV – Shadowmoon Valley (zone)
SNAFU – Situation Normal, All F**ked Up
SnD – Slice and Dice (rogue)
SoB – Seal of Blood (paladin)
SoC – Seal of Command (paladin) or Seed of Corruption (warlock)
SoE – Strength of Earth totem (shaman)
SoJ – Seal of Justice (paladin)
SoL – Seal of Light (paladin) or Surge of Light (priest)
SoR – Seal of Righteousness (paladin) or Spirit of Redemption (priest)
SoS – Swamp of Shadows (instance)
SotC – Seal of the Crusader (paladin)
SoV – Seal of Vengeance (paladin)
SoW – Seal of Wisdom (paladin)
SP – Slave Pens (instance), Spell Power (mage), Storm Peaks (zone) or Sunwell Plateau (raid)
Spec – Specialization
SR – Shadow Resistance or Silent Resolve (priest)
SS – Sacred Shield (paladin), Serpent Sting (hunter), Shield Slam (warrior), Silencing Shot (hunter),Sinister Strike (rogue), Soulstone (warlock), Steady Shot (hunter), Stormstrike (shaman) or Sweeping Strikes (warrior)
SS/ShS – Shadowstep (rogue)
SSC – Serpentshrine Cavern (raid)
ST – Temple of Atal’Hakkar a.k.a. Sunken Temple (instance)
STFU – Shut The F**k Up
STM – Stonetalon Mountain (zone)
Stocks – Stockade (instance)
STP – Stonetalon Peak (zone)
Strat – Stratholme (instance)
STV – Stranglethorn Vale (zone)
Succy – Succubus (warlock)
SV – The Steamvault (instance)
SW – Shield Wall (warrior) or Stormwind City (zone)
SW:D – Shadow Word : Death (priest)
SW:P – Shadow Word : Pain (priest)

T1/T2 – Class-specific sets of gear that drop during raids
Tap – Life Tap (warlock)
TAQ – Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (instance)
TB – Thunder Bluff (zone)
TBH – To be honest
TC – Thunder Clap (warrior)
Tele – Teleport (mage)
Tero – Terokkar (zone)
TF – Tiger’s Fury (druid)
TL;DR – Too Long; Didn’t Read
TM – Tactical Mastery (warrior), Tarren Mill (zone) or Thrallmar (zone)
ToC – Trial of the Champion (instance)
ToGC – Trial of the Grand Crusader (raid)
TotC – Trial of the Crusader (raid)
ToL – Tree of Life (druid)
Toon – your character in-game
ToW – Totem of Wrath (shaman)
TP – Teleport (mage) or Talent Point
TSA – Trueshot Aura (hunter)
Twink – a character that possesses gear/enchantments greatly above their means (usually created for PvP)

UA – Unstable Affliction (warlock)
UB – Underbog (instance)
UBRS – Upper Blackrock Spire (instance)
UC – Undercity (zone)
UD – Undead
UD Strat – Undead side of Stratholme (instance)
UI – User Interface
UK – Utgarde Keep (instance)
Uld – Ulduar (raid)
Ulda – Uldaman (instance)
UP – Utgarde Pinnacle (instance)

VC – Deadmines (instance)
VE – Vampiric Embrace (priest)
VH – Violet Hold (instance)
VoA – Vault of Archavon (raid)
VT – Vampiric Touch (priest)
VW – Voidwalker (warlock)

Warr – Warrior
WC – Wailing Caverns (instance), Wing Clip (hunter) or Wrong Channel
WF – Windfury (shaman)
WG – Wintergrasp (zone)
Wis – Blessing of Wisdom (paladin)
WPL – Western Plaguelands (zone)
WSG – Warsong Gulch (battleground)
WTB – Want To Buy
WTF – What The F**k
WTH – What The Hell
WTS – Want To Sell
WTT – Want To Trade
WW – Whirlwind (warrior)

Xmute – Transmute
XR – Crossroads (zone)


ZA – Zul’Aman (raid)
ZD – Zul’Drak (zone)
Zerg – Gather in a large group and rush forward (from Starcraft)
Zerker – Berserker Stance (warrior)
ZF – Zul’Farrak (instance)
ZG – Zul’Gurub (raid)
ZM – Zangarmarsh (zone)
ZOMG – Oh, My God (Z doesn’t stand anything)
ZS – Berserker Stance (warrior)

I hoped you found this WoW Abbreviations and Acronyms Guide useful. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

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you forget the acronym for “WOW” lol



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I’ve been looking for an all-inclusive guide/list of acronyms/abbreviations so that I can translate the language in the chat window and not miss out on a good deal if I see something I’m interested in. I have found one other that is really good but is missing some very commonly used terms that I found to be included in your guide.

I’m a lvl 78 Mage and can now take advantage of some of the good deals and trades that are going on in that chat window thanks to you and your guide!

Have I said Thank you? LOL! (I knew that one b4 the guide, Ha, Ha)

This is exactly the thing I’ve been searching for and you have no idea how helpless a person can feel not being able to figure out what is being said in the chat window. I’m by no means a pro-player however, I am well on my way to sounding like one thanks to you and this guide.

Greatly appreciated!!



there is missing my favorite one: GZ! 🙂