WoW Abbreviations and Acronyms 0-9, A-M

by Spiph

This WoW guide tries to cover as many of the abbreviations and acronyms commonly used in World of Warcraft as possible. The guide will be split into two posts. This post contains abbreviations and acronyms starting 0-9 and A-M. A second post containing abbreviations and acronyms starting N-Z is here. The purpose of this guide is to help players understand the abbreviations and acronyms used in conversation within World of Warcraft. If you feel there is anything missing from this list, please leave a comment and it can be added.

1h – One-handed
2h – Two-handed
5SR – Five Second Rule – mana regeneration only occurs if no mana has been spent on a spell in the last 5 seconds

AB – Arathi Basin (battleground), Arcane Brilliance (mage) or Arcane Blast (mage)
AC – Auchenai Crypts (instance)
Add – Short for additional i.e an additional mob that has been aggro’d
AE – Arcane Explosion (mage)
AEP – Agility Equivalence Points – a method for converting the value of item attributes to compare them in terms of Agility points
AFAIK – As Far As I Know
Aff/Afflic – Affliction talent tree (warlock)
AFK – Away From Keyboard
Agg/Aggro – Short for aggression – used to refer to whom a mob is attacking e.g. X has aggro or has pulled aggro
AH – Auction House
AI – Arcane Intellect (mage) or Artificial Intelligence
AK – Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom (instance)
AKA – Also Known As
Alt – Short for alternate i.e an alternate character, not your main one
AN – Azjol-Nerub (instance)
AoE – Area of Effect
AotH – Aspect of the Hawk (hunter)
AotP – Aspect of the Pack (hunter)
AotV – Aspect of the Viper (hunter)
AotW – Aspect of the Wild (hunter)
AP – Arcane Power (mage) or Attack Power
AQ – Ahn’Qiraj
AQ20 – Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (raid)
AQ40 – Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (raid)
AR – Adrenaline Rush, Arcane Resistance, Astral Recall (shaman) or Attack Rating
Arc – The Arcatraz (instance)
Arp – Armor Penetration
AS – Aid Station, Aimed Shot (hunter), Arcane Shot (hunter), Armorsmithing, Auto Shot (hunter) or Avenger’s Sword (paladin)
ATM – At The Moment
AV – Alterac Valley (battleground)

Ban – Banish (warlock)
BB – Booty Bay
BBL – Be Back Later
BE – Blade’s Edge (zone) or Blood Elf
Belf – Blood Elf
BEM – Blade’s Edge Mountains
BF – Blade Flurry (rogue) or Blood Furnace (instance)
BFD – Blackfathom Depths (instance)
BG – Battleground
Bio – Short for biological – usually used to refer to fulfilling biological needs i.e. the bathroom
BL – Blasted Lands
BM – Battlemaster, Beast Mastery talent tree (hunter) or Black Morass (instance)
BoA – Bind on Acquire
BoE – Bind on Equip
BoK – Blessing of Kings (paladin)
BoL – Blessing of Light (paladin)
BoJ – Badge of Justice – a reward which drops from boss kills in heroic mode or raid instances
BoM – Blessing of Might (paladin)
BoP – Bind on Pickup or Blessing of Protection (paladin)
BoS – Blessing of Salvation (paladin)
Bot – The Botanica
BoU – Bind on Use
BoW – Blessing of Wisdom (paladin)
BRB – Be Right Back
BRD – Blackrock Depths (instance)
BRS – Blackrock Spire (instance)
BRT – Be Right There
BS – Backstab (rouge), Battle Shout (warrior), Battle Stance (warrior), Blacksmithing or Burning Steppes
BT – Black Temple (raid), Bloodthirst (warrior) or Borean Tundra
BTW – By The Way
Buff – A spell or change to the game that makes something stronger i.e. buffs them up
BW – Bestial Wrath (hunter)
BWL – Blackwing Lair (raid)

Camo – Camouflage (rogue)
CB – Cold Blood (rogue)
CBA – Can’t Be Arsed
CC – Corpse Camping or Crowd Control
CD – Cooldown
CL – Chain Lightning (shaman)
CloS – Cloak of Shadows (rogue)
CoA – Curse of Agony (warlock)
CoC – Cone of Cold (mage)
CoD – Curse of Doom (warlock)
CoE – Curse of the Elements (warlock)
CoEx – Curse of Exhaustion (warlock)
CoH – Circle of Healing (priest)
CoR – Curse of Recklessness (warlock)
Corr – Corruption (warlock)
CoS – Culling of Stratholme (instance) or Curse of Shadows (warlock)
CoT – Curse of Tongues (warlock)
CoW – Curse of Weakness (warlock)
CoX – Curse of Exhaustion (warlock)
CP – Combo Points on Contribution Points
CS – Cheap Shot (rogue), Counterspell (mage) or Crusader Strike (paladin)

Darn – Darnassus (zone)
DB – Dragon’s Breath (mage) or Dragonblight (zone)
DC – Death Coil (warlock) or Disconnect
Def – Defensive Stance (warrior)
Demo – Demonology talent tree (warlock) or Demoralizing Shout (warrior)
Dest/Destro – Destruction talent tree (warlock)
Deva – Devastate (warrior)
DI – Divine Intervention (paladin)
DIAF – Die In A Fire
Disc – Discipline talent tree (priest)
DK – Detha Knight or Escape from Durnholde Keep (instance)
DKP – Dragon Kill Points – a system guilds use to distribute loot
DL – Drain Life (warlock)
DM – Deadmines (instance) or Dire Maul (instance)
DMG – Damage
DND – Do Not Disturb
DoT – Damage over Time
DP – Dark Pact (warlock)
DPM – Damage Per Mana
DPS – Damage Per Second
DR – Damage Reduction (from armour) or Diminishing Returns
Drae – Draenei
DS – Defensive Stance (warrior), Divine Shield (paladin), Divine Spirit (priest) or Drain Soul (warlock)
DTK – Drak’Tharon Keep(instance)
DW – Death Wish (warrior) or Dual wield

Ele – Elemental talent tree (shaman)
Eng/Engi/Engy – Engineering
Enh – Enhancement talent tree (shaman)
EoE – Eye of Eternity (instance)
EotS – Eye of the Storm (battleground)
EPL – Eastern Plaguelands (zone)
ES – Earth Shock (shaman)
Evis – Eviscerate (rogue)
Evo – Evocation (mage)
Exec – Execute (warrior)
Exo – Exodar (zone)

FA – First Aid
FB- Ferocious Bite (druid), Fireball (mage), Firebolt , Fire Blast or FrostBolt (mage)
FD – Feign Death (hunter)
Fear – Psychic Scream (priest)
FF – Faerie Fire (druid)
FFF – Faerie Fire – Feral (druid)
FFS – For F**k’s Sake
FH – Flash Heal
Fheal – Flash Heal (priest)
FoL – Flash of Light (paladin)
Fort – Power Word : Fortitude (priest) or Prayer of Fortitude (priest)
FoS – Forge of Souls
FP – Flight Path or Flight Point
FR – Fire Resistance
FS – Flame Shock (shaman) or Frost Shock (shaman)
FT – Flametongue totem (shaman)
FTL – For The Loss – means this sucks or this isn’t working
FTW – For The Win – means favorable or awesome – often used with sarcasm though
FW – Fear Ward (priest)

Gads – Gadgetzan (zone)
Gank – High level characters targetting low level characters in PvP
GD – Gundrak
GftT – Go for the Throat (hunter)
GG – Good Game
GH/Gheal – Greater Heal (priest)
Gift – Gift of the Wild (druid)
GJ – Good Job
GL – Ghostlands (zone), Group Loot , Gruul’s Lair (raid) or Guild Leader
GM – Guild Master
Gnomer – Gnomeregan (instance)
GoA – Grace of Air totem (shaman)
GotW – Gift of the Wild (druid)
Grind – Gaining experience through repetitive killing of Mobs, rather than questing
GTAoE – Ground Targeted Area of Effect – a AoE spell like Flamestrike where the caster can choose a target
GTFO – Get The F**k Out
GTG – Good To Go or Got To Go
GW – Ghost Wolf (shaman)
GZ – Gadgetzan (zone) or Congratulations

Hearth – Hearthstone
Hemo – Haemorrhage (rogue)
HF – Hellfire (warlock), Hillsbrad Foothills (zone), Holy Fire (priest) or Howling Fjord (zone)
HFP – HellFire Peninsula (zone)
HFR – HellFire Ramparts (instance)
HH – Honor Hold (zone)
HL – Holy Light (paladin)
HM – Hunter’s Mark (hunter)
HoJ – Hammer of Justice (paladin)
HoL – Halls of Lightning
HoS – Halls of Stone or Hand of Salvation
HoT – Heal over Time or Howl of Terror (warlock)
HotW – Heart of the Wild (druid)
HoW – Hammer of Wrath (paladin)
HPM – Healing Per Mana
HPS – Healing Per Second
HS – Healthstone (warlock) , Hearthstone or Heroic Strike (warrior)
HT – Healing Touch (druid)
HW – Healing Wave (shaman)

IAotH – Improved Aspect of the Hawk (hunter)
IBTL – In Before The Lock
IC – In Character (used when speaking as your character, in a roleplaying sense)
ICC – Icecrown Citadel (raid)
IDC – I Don’t Care
IDK – I Don’t Know
IDS – Improved Divine Spirit (priest)
IF – Inner Fire (priest)
IF – Ironforge (zone)
IIRC – If I Recall Correctly
Imba – Imbalanced i.e. overpowered
IMHO – In My Humble Opinion
Imm/Immo – Immolate (warlock)
IMO – In My Opinion
Inc – Incoming
Incin – Incinerate (warlock)
Inn/Innerv – Innervate (druid)
IRC – Internet Relay Chat (messaging system outside of WoW)
IRL – In Real Life
ISS – Improved Sinister Strike (rogue)

J/K – Just Kidding

Kara – Karazhan (raid)
Kings – Blessing of Kings (paladin)
Kite – Kill in Time (a technique for killing enemies slowly with Damage over Time and Ranged attacks)
KOS – Kill on Sight
KS – Kidney Shot (rogue)
KZ – Karazhan (raid)

L2P – Learn to Play
LB – Lava Burst (shaman) or Lightning Bolt (shaman)
LBRS – Lower Blackrock Spire (instance)
LD – Link Disconnect
LF – Looking For
LF1M/LF2M – Looking For One More, Looking For Two More, etc.
LFG – Looking For Group
LFM – Looking For More (for a group)
LFW – Looking For Work
LHW – Lesser Healing Wave (shaman)
Light – Blessing of Light (paladin)
LMAO – Laughing My Ass Off
Lock – Warlock
LoH – Lay on Hands (paladin)
LOL – Laugh Out Loud
LOM – Low On Mana
LoS – Line of Sight
LotP – Leader of the Pack (druid)
LS – Last Stand (warrior)
LT – Life Tap (warlock)
LW – Leatherworking or Lightwell (priest)

MA – Main Assist
Mag – Magtheridon’s Lair (instance)
Maly – The Eye of Eternity (raid)
MAP – Melee Attack Power
Mara – Mauradon (instance)
Mark – Mark of the Wild (druid)
Mats – Short for materials – refers to the ingredients in a crafted item
MB – Mind Blast (priest)
MC – Mind Control (priest) or Molten Core (raid)
MD – Master Demonologist (warlock)
Mech – The Mechanar (instance)
Medi – Meditation (priest)
MF – Mind Flay (priest)
MgT – Magisters’ Terrace (instance)
MH – Battle for Mount Hyjal (raid)
Might – Blessing of Might (paladin)
ML – Master Looter or Magtheridon’s Lair (raid)
MM – Marksmanship talent tree (hunter)
Mob – Short for mobile – in World of Warcraft this refers to NPCs and usually those that are meant to be killed
MoD – Master of Deception (rogue)
MotW – Mark of the Wild (druid)
MP5 – Mana Per Five seconds
MS – Master Summoner (warlock) or Mortal Strike (warlock)
MT – Main Tank, Mistell or Mana-Tombs (instance)

I hoped you found this WoW Abbreviations and Acronyms Guide useful. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

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