Bad Ads

Have you seen a ‘bad’ ad on one of our pages. Please report it to us at

At we put a lot of effort into blocking ads for services that violate Blizzard’s Terms of Use for World of Warcraft, for example, gold selling, power leveling services, exploits and bots, etc.. If we happen to have missed one, please let us know. We read every email you send us, and each ad removal request will be considered on a case by case basis.

In order for us to action a ‘bad’ ad request, we need some information about the ad, specifically the URL displayed in the ad. For text and image based ads, the URL is usually displayed at the bottom of each advertisement, for example, If the URL isn’t clear, you can right-click on the ad and select properties, then copy the entire link from the properties page. If the ad is served by Adobe Flash, you will not be able to select properties. In this case, please capture a screenshot of the ad and send it to us at